Narrative Design

Narrative is a System. It informs mechanics and creates meaning. Narrative is fundamental to making a good game and needs to be considered at every step in the development process. Art is iterative, so too is narrative. Games developed with narrative in mind are stronger in the end.

I know, that above paragraph is a somewhat controversial opinion. Games and Narrative should be like oil and water. Let's agree to disagree. Narrative in games is about understanding your player experience and the story that it creates. Plot, dialogue and characters are just some of the traditional elements used to shape story. Narrative for games combines those traditional elements with mechanics, interactions and reward to completely immerse the player in a story of their own creation.

My skills in both traditional and game narrative allow me to build deep, meaningful games that focus on the player. I hope to demonstrate in my work that narrative is a system, fundamental to the game.


Eden is a mystery set in a lavish bar with dark secrets. Use all your senses - sight, sound and smell - as you explore this fully realized Virtual Reality environment.

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Keeper has a lot of bugs in it: bees and butterflies! An educational game about pollinator preservation, Keeper is a cute, fun time for any player.

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Secret of Colors

Secret of Colors is an atmospheric puzzle

platformer. Utilize color match mechanics

and your sense of space to become

entranced in the world.

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Enter the Cave

Enter the Cave is a cooperative narrative game about conflict resolution. Players engage in conversation based gameplay while reaching educational goals.

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