Systems Design

The system is the heart of the game. It is where the mechanics gain meaning. It is where the player communicates with the developer. It is where the interaction becomes an experience.

Actually ... there is no, one singular system. Systems design and systems thinking is a fundamental understanding that each element of a game exists within the context of every other as part of the whole. To make a successful game, these parts must have synergy. That is what makes successful systems: when the final game is a seamless, enjoyable experience.

I strive to make meaningful, synergistic systems with each project I work on. My systems specialization allows me to focus in on the small details while guiding the total vision of a game.


Game available on the Google Play Store!

Light based sci-fi dungeon crawler for Android phones. When each level loads, Remnants gauges the light level and dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the game to match. Play in the light for loot, play in the dark for a challenge!

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Halftime is a third-person wave defense shooter where you play as a member of a marching band that must use their instrument as a weapon to defend the rest of the band and fight of a horde of
in-coming football robots.

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A single player experience about being in a relationship. Companionship is experimental

in its mechanics focusing on emotional

expression through the game.

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