• Systems Design

  • Characters, Quests and Educational Integration

Keeper won the People's Choice Award and Best Serious Game Award at the MassDiGI Game Challenge 2018.

Keeper is a comfy game aiming to inform players about habitat conservation and the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem. Comfy refers to the rising tide of cozy games and the design movement away from tension as the driving player motivation. By creating an environment where the player feels safe, they are more receptive to other ideas and emotions present in the game. So the educational content is worked into every element of the game. Every flower for your garden is a real flower found in the Northeastern United States. Every animal and insect as well. By playing the game, players are informed and educated on these parts of our ecosystem and how they relate to one another.

Keeper was originally developed by Micropup Games. It is currently under the care of Rad Magpie.



  • Project Lead

  • Mechanics and Systems Design

Halftime is a co-op beat shooter where players defend their bandmates against an onslaught of football drones. Developed over twelve weeks with a four person team, it is a small vertical slice of the complete vision. We focused in on the audience - a marching band game for marching band people - emphasizing uniformity and rhythmic awareness in the mechanics. Players use their instruments to create destructive soundwaves that will damage enemies. When on-beat these waves are more powerful then when off-beat. By stringing together multiple actions to the beat, players build a combo meter which makes their attacks stronger.

Download the game files (PC only).