Archer: Danger Phone

  • Monetization Design

  • Feature Development

I was brought on to Archer: Danger Phone in a time of transition. With the original team of designers moving off, it became my responsibility to act as Lead Designer and shepherd the game to launch. I created new content (events, balances and characters) as well as scheduled that content to fit our live ops cadence. Additionally, much of my time was spent monitoring the growth of game using analytics tools. Building user funnels, tracking KPIs and tweaking IAPs was a rewarding cycle of iterative design.

Archer: Danger Phone was originally developed by Disruptor Beam in partnership with Eastside Games.

Star Trek Timelines

  • Live Operations Production

  • Content Design

Star Trek Timelines is a top grossing game on both iOS and Android. Initially, my job was making new content (characters, ships and events). Soon after, I moved up to oversee the team, IP holders and localization partners. In my time as Producer we stabilized the game by reducing hotfixes 50%, launched two new clients, one major feature and many awesome events like the Borg month trailer above.

Star Trek Timelines is developed by Wicked Realm Games and published by Tilting Point.


  • Systems/Combat Design

  • Narrative Design

Remnants was developed over a total of 10 months through most of 2016 and early 2017. I was brought on to specialize in systems, balancing out combat and loot drops. While deep in the spreadsheets I wrote narrative elements for each item (flavor text). This informed the mood of the game and led to me writing the new game and loading screen copy as well.

Download for Android.